There Is No Away

Production Co: NAVIGATE | Directors: Jared Levy & Justin Hamilton | Cinematographers: Jared Levy & Justin Hamilton | Grip & Electric: Abe Sheppard Block & Dan Stark | User Portraits: Brian Moyer, Blaine Fontana, Ethan Woo, Lindsay Jo Holmes, Marisa & Vivienne Bogart, Portugal. The Man, Zach Johnsen & Con Bro Chill

Post Production: NAVIGATE | Editor: Jared Levy | Sound Mix: Defacto Sound | Color Grade: Nice Shoes | Color Senior Producer: TJ Sponzo | Colorist: Phil Choe | Music: 0212 - Utah, CLIMBER - Super Duper, REVIVAL - Super Duper & UNSPOKEN - A.M. Architect

Special Thanks: Ezra Cimino-Hurt, Rosemary Hill, Ryan Brentley, Maddie Woo, House of Vintage, Green Century Electronics Recycling, Landmark Saloon, Lynn & Michael Cimino-Hurt & The Entire Case of Bass Family

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